Meet Owner / Project Director – Linda Lee Cavazos

Hello to all who seek a professional web design company!  When you are trying to wade thru the volumes of info found online for mobile responsive designers, we recommend that you choose a full-service company that can provide you with a wide variety of service, a high level of experience and a fabulous track record!  Although we cater to small businesses, non-profits, organizations, associations as well as sole entrepreneurs and home businesses….no job is too big or small.  Our team can take on anything and we welcome all who are interested in reaching a higher level of online presence!  Since 1999, we have been creating custom websites and building our client reputations with great success!  We specialize in providing site planning and development so that your website can grow as your business grows – that’s so important because every website is a work in progress and it has to evolve in order to stay current in today’s marketplaces.  If you are seeking professionals who show they care 24/7 and a design firm where your needs are met and exceeded 100% – then look no further. 

What Makes Us So Special:

Maclin Solutions takes the perfect concept design, mixes in some attributes and function, then displays it with plenty of eye-appeal so that the completed design is perfectly aimed at your target audience!  Of course everyone wants an extraordinary design and our talented team of professionals work hard toward meeting your vision and goals.   Our clients have come to expect “exceptional customer service” because at the center of all our project management, is our extraordinary love for what we do… and it shows!

Creative Director/Technical Support Guru – Mario (Marty) Cavazos

Hello there and Welcome to Maclin Solutions!

As Creative Director for Maclin Solutions, my teams are excellent collaborators who can envision the “finished product”!  Whether it be photography, copywriting, illustration, logo/branding, e-commerce, research, site development, online videos and slide shows – the team can do it all.  Every day is unique and I think that’s what I like most about my job.  I get to meet a lot of people from all walks of life and from many different places – it is fun for me.  I like the challenges that come along with the territory too but having the client beyond happy with the results we created for them – and that’s the best reward we can receive.  Self-esteem has to be earned and working with the owner and my wife, Linda Cavazos, it allows me the freedom to dream, explore, create and transition on a constant basis.  Coordinating all the team players and departments so that we work like a well-oiled machine is vital to staying on deadline and completing the project effectively as well as conducting the work efficiently. That’s my job – to keep all the wheels turning.  When the final result is presented and the client is amazed – it is an awesome feeling.  My confidence in the talented professionals I have surrounding me is unparalleled in today’s workplace and together we make everyday awesome and inspiring.  

We like to refer to the ’90s as the age of “Internet Infancy”. This was the time when the Internet was just above the horizon but still a little uncertain.  It went thru some serious technology boosts as it began to grow (we call it the “Terrible Twos”) and much learning was at hand for all.   It became clear at this time – this was a phenomenon that would create new technology advances – that would soon connect everyone in the most unique ways possible.  For the world-over, everyone who had access to the Internet was experiencing a new way of learning and communication that was going to change the way we collectively did business, exchanged information, purchased goods.  This in turn made us all more aware of the people and world around us – not to mention the more recent craze for social media platforms.  The younger generation will prevail – always!

Maclin Solutions has an ongoing mission to stay abreast of all technological advances plus encourage awareness of all the wonder that exists in the world and how it positively or negatively impacts our daily lives. 

At Maclin Solutions, we believe that a strong concept is the keystone when it comes to creativity, function, forethought and logic  –  the concept is the “genius” thread that can be found in all our work.  Our Creative Director and all the teams work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are not only met, but exceeded in every way possible. All team members bring with them a positive “Can Do” attitude that makes the experience of working with us a unique and fun way of doing business.  This attitude is at the core of every project we undertake and we want our client to feel completely at ease with us so that that result is a  website “masterpiece”!

We expect nothing less than perfection from ourselves – crafting visually stunning, memorable experiences for our client’s! 
Many Possibilities….Only One Clear Choice!!  Maclin Solutions

Please take a moment to complete a super-short “Request a Price Quote” form.  It’s short, easy and fast!  We may have questions to qualify some of the information you provide us but generally-speaking, we will contact you between 24 to 48 hours.  Complex projects with 25 pages or more, make take a little bit more time in order to produce an accurate price quote:  the nature of the site, number of pages, amount of maintenance and frequency of changes are just some of the factors we take into account.  We work hard so you don’t have to.  We create the highest-caliber site design possible using everything at our disposal – market research, concept developers and project managers, graphic artists, search engine (SEO) specialists, e-commerce gurus, technical support staff and the list goes on and on.

In closing, our commitment, integrity, responsibility and vision for how to best serve our clients is truly unique.  From dentists to lawyers, educators to violinist, kayak instructors to medical clinics, convention centers to churches…..Maclin Solutions will do the research for you an produce an extraordinary site design tailored to your needs!  We hope you will contact us soon and thank you for visiting our site.  Be sure to view our Online Portfolio to see some of our current projects and get to know us better!

We Always Need More Talent!

If you love to design and have a flair for working with people from all walks of life, then you’re our type of team player! Research & Marketing, Graphic Artists & Illustrators, Copywriting and Content Management, Design and E-commerce Specialists, SEO professionals and then some…. these are the type of employees we seek. Email your inquiry via our Contact Us Form and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you could become a vital member of our web design team! Maclin Solutions will reply to you as soon as possible! (No phone calls please.)