Owner, Lead Web Designer & Project Manager:

Hello,  I’m Linda Cid, owner of Maclin Solutions.  Wading thru volumes of info found online, while trying to find a company that can offer multiple services to their clientele can be exhausting,  time-consuming and even confusing.  Maclin Solutions is a full-service agency that can provide a wide variety of services and we have a fabulous track record!  No job is too big or small.  Our team can take on anything and we welcome all who are interested in fair and reasonable pricing, excellent customer service and creating a working relationship that is unparalleled.  

Since 1999, we’ve been creating custom websites using today’s technology with an eye that is ever-focused on tomorrow’s advancements.  Our client’s depend on our ability to deliver the highest quality products.  We understand that every website is a “work in progress” and they  have to evolve in order to stay current in today’s marketplaces.   Call 361-729-3710 for more info!”

Maclin Solutions uses cross-platform data and vital research statistics to create a powerful concept that is then applied to all facets of the overall campaign (e.g. web design, marketing collateral, creative illustrations, graphics/branding and much more.) The concept is the “genius” thread that can be found in all our work.    Many key elements are weaved throughout all areas of a comprehensive marketing campaign and this allows us to pinpoint our client’s target audience and hold their attention.  Of course everyone wants an extraordinary mobile design for today’s users to include e-commerce, interactive communication and visuals – along with all the bells and whistles available with social media platforms – and Maclin Solutions will deliver.  You’ll come to expect “exceptional customer service” because at the “heart” of all project management jobs, is an extraordinary love for what we do… and it shows!

Creative Teams and Collaboration:

Whether you need a new company image or an updated logo, Maclin Solutions is ready to make sure your new collateral and branding will deliver the desired results.  Our talented teams offer:  copy writing, artistic graphic design and illustration, brochure and catalog design, e-commerce and storefronts, and online merchandise marketing, branding, public relations and much more.   Full service features like online videos and tutorials, voice talent and commercials, online customer presentations, all forms of business collateral (trade show rack cards and hand-outs, specialty advertising items)… are just some of the items we produce for our clientele!  

Does you website need to be translated into several languages for international businesses so as to become completely relevant when reaching a larger sector of the world?  What about managing your Google Ads campaign(s) or your Social Media postings in order to keep your page content up to date and relevant?  Perhaps your Amazon product line needs a face lift to boost your bottom line?   We also have personnel who are dedicated to handling your business blogs, forums and a wide variety of internal projects you may need help with – so that you can be free to pursue other aspects of your business!

We create the highest-caliber site designs possible using everything at our disposal – market research, concept developers and project managers, graphic artists, search engine (SEO) specialists, e-commerce gurus, technical support staff and the list goes on and on.  In closing, our commitment, integrity, responsibility and reputation  are only some of our best assets.  Our clientele consists from dentists to lawyers, educators to violinist, kayak instructors to medical clinics, convention centers to churches, lawyers to veterinarians etc… Maclin Solutions will do the research for you an produce an extraordinary site design tailored to your needs!  We hope you will contact us soon and thank you for visiting our site.  Be sure to view our Online Portfolio to see some of our current projects and get to know us better!

We Always Need More Talent: If you love to design and have a flair for working with people from all walks of life, then you’re our type of team player.  Email your inquiry to info@maclinsolutions.com and tell us a little bit about yourself and expect to hear back from you soon!  You may also call us M-Thurs 9am to 5pm (CST): 361-729-3710.  Thank you for your interest!  (EOE)

REFUND POLICY: Maclin Solutions offers many professional services to our clientele. We do stand behind a strong no-refund policy that ensures we are not taken advantage of or put in an uncomfortable position with a client who is requesting a refund. Maclin Solutions does not provide refunds for any of our billable “in-advance” service fees, nor do we prepay or renew any services before compensation has been received. All services are non-refundable.